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The difference between PVC gloves and PE gloves

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The difference between PVC gloves and PE gloves

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PVC gloves and PE gloves are mostly transparent and difficult to distinguish when worn on the hand. If you look closely, you will find that they are quite different and can be distinguished by the following:

The material

PVC gloves are made of PVC paste resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, viscosity reducing agent, PU and softening water as the main raw materials through special processes.

PE gloves are made of low (LDPE), high (HDPE) density polyethylene and other additives.

Therefore, feel different, PVC gloves have elasticity, PE gloves do not, and softness PVC gloves are slightly better, which is also the reason why PVC gloves have size and size, PE gloves do not.



PVC gloves do not contain allergens; Low dust emission and low ion content; A certain acidity or alkalinity; Has a strong tensile strength; Low price, easy to wear comfortable.

PE gloves with high transparency; Without allergens, gloves have loose openings, making them convenient and comfortable to wear. Concave and convex surface or plane, bright color, uniform thickness; Light weight, good hand feeling, low price, non - toxic harmless, is a universal economic protection products.


PVC gloves are often used in electronics, chemical, food, hospital and other industries. Especially widely used in semiconductor, precision electronic instrument operation.

PE gloves are mainly used for household cleaning, food, hygiene, industrial and agricultural protection, hair coloring, nursing washing, dining, etc., for very simple protective operations.

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