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Disposable sleeves are widely used

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Disposable sleeves are widely used

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      Disposable sleeve is very widely used in our daily life, we are at home, at work or other need is the use of disposable sleeve, specializing in the production of disposable sleeve, after years of research and development, production in the field of disposable sleeve top up again a, below small make up take you to understand the disposable sleeve.

      Disposable sleeve generally used in medical field is more, he is transparent, can be dustproof, anti-fouling, a protective effect, can be performed to the elbow is relatively healthy, self-export wenbo plastic co., LTD., the production of disposable sleeve relatively complete specifications, style is also more, can according to the different needs of customers for the custom production, meet customers' different requirements.



      The disposable sleeve produced by the company has good toughness and softness, and it will not feel uncomfortable when worn on the arm. It is a very wear-resistant product, which is an excellent choice for many customers.

      No matter what time can protect our elbow a healthy degree and comfort, if you are interested, welcome to contact us at any time!

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