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Notes during the use of the sleeve

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Notes during the use of the sleeve

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Matters needing attention during the use of disposable sleeves

The size of disposable sleeves should be appropriate. If the sleeves are too tight, it will limit blood flow and easily cause fatigue and discomfort. If too loose, use is not flexible, and easy to fall off. The choice should have enough protective effect, the choice of steel wire anti-cutting gloves environment, can not choose synthetic yarn anti-cutting gloves. To ensure their protective function, gloves must be changed regularly. If you exceed the expiry date, you may injure your hands or skin.



Disposable sleeves should be checked at all times for any holes or worn or worn spots, especially between the fingers. Anti - chemical gloves can be checked by air - filling method. Pay attention to the use of the occasion, if used in different places, it may greatly reduce the service life. Pay attention to safety in use. Don't throw the contaminated cuff at will to avoid causing harm to others. Keep those you don't need in a safe place. Take must pay attention to the correct method, to prevent the contamination of the harmful substances in contact with the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution.

The length of gloves for disposable sleeves is as follows: the shorter the sleeves, the longer the length of gloves. Long gloves should be worn if short - sleeved, sleeveless, or strapless.

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