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Characteristics and advantages of food grade PE gloves

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Characteristics and advantages of food grade PE gloves

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Disposable PE gloves are made of 100% pure new material PE. Mainly used in hygiene, beauty salon and food processing and other operating industries, it is an indispensable hand protection and avoid interpenetration infection products. When used in the household, it can be used to isolate oil, useful to avoid skin infection, detergent corrosion, keep the skin delicate. The product has good anti-static performance, no protein allergen, comfortable to wear, more flexible to operate, the product has been widely used in many fields, inexpensive, good quality. No influence on the hand, cutting resistance, puncture resistance, chemical solvent corrosion resistance, is used by enterprises and individuals as the ideal choice of protection, fit hand, wear comfortable!

Several characteristics of food-grade PE gloves:

1. Tensile resistance: good toughness, strong tensile strength and strong bearing capacity

2. Pitting grain: Surface pitting embossing process, anti-slip and more uniform stress

3. Anti-bacteria: useful to avoid bacteria, reduce the spread of bacteria, maintain the health of hands

4. No increase: Eliminate the addition of chemicals such as brighteners



5. High quality: high quality pure material production, clean, health, green and environmental protection

Notes for use of food-grade PE gloves are as follows:

1. If there is air leakage, do not use it.

2,open the package, take out, to seal the package in time, to prevent pollution.

3. In case of deterioration or pollution, it is prohibited to use.

4. This product is disposable and cannot be used repeatedly.

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