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PVC gloves and latex gloves

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PVC gloves and latex gloves

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of disposable PVC gloves and latex gloves

With the advent of new plastics, disposable PVC gloves have gradually been accepted by the mass market and become more and more popular. However, disposable gloves still have some disadvantages, and disposable latex gloves are also more and more accepted by the public. But what kind of difference do these two have again, that by Anhui Province Tongcheng Wenbo plastic Co., LTD. Small make up for everyone to introduce. The raw material of disposable latex gloves is natural latex, which is treated by chlorination process in production, and the production cost is greatly affected by the season. Moreover, the quality of latex gloves is closely related to the quality of latex. If the latex quality is high, the glove quality will be very good, while if the latex quality is poor, the glove quality will also be insufficient. So what are the pros and cons of disposable PVC gloves and disposable latex gloves?

1. Hanging gloves -- Shixiang tells you the disadvantages of disposable PVC gloves:

Gloves have poor elasticity and are not suitable for use in environments with strict requirements on operating accuracy.

1. Advantages of latex gloves are as follows:

Excellent elasticity and elongation, high operating sensitivity.

(2) low vacuum rate, can have a good air tightness.

(3) the application is more mature, wide range of use, recognition is relatively high.

2. Disadvantages of latex gloves:

Contains latex protein, easy to react to latex allergy.

(2) the shelf life is shorter, should not store for too long.

If you wear gloves for too long, they will easily become tired and your hands will feel uncomfortable.

The price fluctuation is larger, affected by the output and quality of latex.



Ii. Advantages of disposable PVC gloves

No latex protein and other allergic elements, safe.

High heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong chemical resistance.

Feel good, easy to wear.

(4) Sufficient supply price is relatively stable.

Stable quality.

It can be seen that according to different use requirements can choose suitable for their own gloves. If the production of more stringent can choose latex gloves, large dosage and production requirements are not strict can choose PVC gloves.

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