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Classification of disposable gloves

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Classification of disposable gloves

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Because some people are allergic to natural latex, glove manufacturers are coming up with various solutions, resulting in a variety of disposable gloves.

According to the material, it can be divided into: nitrile powder free gloves, latex gloves, PVC gloves, PE gloves...... From the market trend, nitrile gloves gradually become the mainstream.


Brief talk on powder gloves and non-powder gloves made by Beijing hanghole gloves manufacturer

The main raw material of disposable gloves is natural rubber, which is elastic and skin-tight, but difficult to wear.

Around the end of the 19th century, commercial talc or cystosporangium powder was added to glove machines to make it easier for gloves to peel off hand molds and to overcome the difficulty of wearing them, but both powders can cause postoperative infections.

In 1947, talc and lithosporangium powder were replaced by food-grade powders easily absorbed by the human body.

With the advantages of disposable gloves gradually discovered, the application environment has also been extended to food processing, spraying, dust free room and other fields, powder free gloves are increasingly popular.

At the same time, the FDA has banned the use of powdered gloves in the medical industry in the United States to avoid medical concerns about certain conditions.

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