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Classification of aprons

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Classification of aprons

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One, household apron

It is mainly designed with ordinary cloth, which can prevent the clothes from being stained or spattered with oil when cooking. Furniture aprons come in a variety of styles, and because they are a staple in the kitchen, they are instantly accessible to anyone, no matter how dignified. It is necessary to build a warm family.

2. Lead apron

X-ray technicians and patients wear lead aprons to protect themselves from radiation in medical, dental and veterinary facilities. Lead apron is important to prevent these airborne radiation, and protection is necessary. Apron should be stored carefully to prevent cracks, folding or storing the apron on the object may cause damage or cracks. Custom rolled apron manufacturers tell you that the best storage is in flat areas or on special hangers.


3. Apron of welding machine

Welders often wear leather skirts. Leather is a heat resistant material that can withstand welding sparks and prevent human injuries. Apron has double slit safety pockets with steel reinforcement and metal fasteners. These apron pockets can hold a few pencils, pliers, and wrenches.

Chemical apron

Chemical aprons are a necessary safety device for any laboratory chemist, photographer, and agrochemical worker working with chemicals and pesticides. These aprons protect the skin as well as clothing that is improperly poured or chemically mixed with any treatment that may cause skin allergies and burns. The apron is coated with acrylic emulsions, liquid polymers, or rubber to protect against chemicals, providing a barrier for acids, bases, and other substances.

The carpenter's apron

A carpenter's apron provides stain and abrasion protection. The carpenter used him to climb ladders, to kneel, and to take an active part in his work. The carpenter's apron is made of heavy canvas or denim material, and the apron pocket is designed to hold a circulating hammer and a pocket pencil with a slot.

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