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Home apron screen printing process

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Home apron screen printing process

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The apron is no longer a simple piece of cloth wrapped around the body when cooking and dry-cleaning, but now consumers pursue fashion and individuality. Household apron also becomes one of fashionable individuation goods. The household apron now is in design 10 million change, it is to attract a person especially in design respect more, different design, let a person fondle admiringly. Do you know where these fashion personalized patterns come from? Small make up to tell you:

Today's home aprons are usually printed with silk screen printing process, this printing method has been very common. The printed product is very popular with consumers because of its good effect. Three mainstream screen printing processes are as follows:

1. Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing is a popular printing method in recent years. This method is through the medium (heat transfer film or heat transfer paper), first reverse print to the medium, and then heat transfer equipment, so that the pattern transferred to the non-woven cloth, so as to complete the transfer of patterns. The patterns printed in this way are very clear, delicate and lifelike. But use cost is higher, the price of the household apron that place produces also is higher naturally.


2, the watermark

Specializing in the production of roll apron manufacturers is the use of water-based elastoplastic paste as a printing medium, so called watermark. Watermarking is relatively common in textile printing. Printing processing into the color paste and water - based elastomer harmony on the line. In the wash plate, directly flush with water on the line, unlike other chemical solvents need to wash, therefore, many manufacturers like to use this way of silk-screen. This printing method is characterized by good coloring, fastness, washable, not easy to fade, no taste.

3. Gravure printing

Household aprons are made in this way. This method is divided into two steps: the traditional gravure printing process is used to transfer the pattern to the film, and then the film coated with the pattern is bonded to the non-woven cloth, so that the completion. This apron is waterproof as well as oil-proof. If you get dirty from work, you can wipe it with a wet cloth, which is very convenient. In addition to cleaning

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