50,000-ton petrochemical terminal in Tsuen Wan Port Area of Huizhou Port passed the acceptance for opening

On November 1, the Guangdong Provincial Port Office took the lead in organizing the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs, Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration (entrusted to Huizhou Maritime Safety Administration), Shenzhen General Frontier Inspection Station, Shenzhen Customs (entrusted to Huizhou Port Customs) and other relevant units to form an acceptance team to inspect Huizhou Port. The preparatory work for the 50,000-ton petrochemical terminal in Tsuen Wan Port Area, the port, is inspected and accepted before it is officially opened to the public.

On the same day, the inspection and acceptance team inspected the construction of on-site port inspection and supervision facilities for the 50,000-ton petrochemical terminal in Tsuen Wan Port, Huizhou Port, and listened to the report of the Daya Bay Port Office and the person in charge of the terminal operation unit on the preparations for the opening of the project. The relevant issues involved in the opening to the outside world were carefully studied, and a consensus was formed. The acceptance team unanimously agreed that the 50,000-ton petrochemical terminal in the Quanwan Port of Huizhou Port passed the inspection and acceptance. The new wharf in the Tsuen Wan Port area was officially opened to the public.

It is known that the 50,000-ton petrochemical terminal is the largest refined oil terminal in the Tsuen Wan port area of Huizhou Port. Supporting facilities, the total length of the coastline is 330 meters, and the annual design throughput is 2.4 million tons. The project will provide marine transportation channels for refined oil produced by CNOOC and other companies, further optimize the transportation structure of Huizhou Port, and effectively improve the shipping capacity of petrochemical products in Huizhou Port; at the same time, it is conducive to the construction of a world-class petrochemical industry base in Daya Bay. Further improve the transportation conditions of liquid bulk cargo in the eastern region of the Pearl River Delta, meet the objective needs of social development for port development, and promote the accelerated healthy development of the local economy.

As a member of Huizhou, Worldchamp Enterprises present the best wishes for well development of the petrochemical terminal, and local economy. 

Post time: Nov-18-2022