Guangdong & Macao Branded Products Fair-2022 Set up a platform to promote business cooperation

Nov. 11 - 13, "2022 Guangdong-Macao Branded Products Fair" came to a successful conclusion. In addition to rich and high-quality products for the audience to buy and buy, exhibitors also set up online and offline business matching and three special matching sessions, including "MinM Matching Session", "Prefabricated Vegetable Product Matching Session" and "Big Food Matching Session" Thematic Matching Session between Nine Mainland Cities in the Greater Bay Area and Macao’s Industry and Commerce” helps enterprises explore business opportunities through the exhibition platform.

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Matching session to find merchants

The menu brand from Shenzhen, Shenzhen Chishang Catering Management Co., Ltd., was quite satisfied with the results after participating in the special matching session, and even found a Macao company that they want to cooperate with in the future. Yu Qingchi, the person in charge of Shenzhen Chishang Catering Management Co., Ltd., said that at the "MinM Matching Session", he negotiated with different catering companies in Macau, including biscuits, coffee and beverage bottle technology. The quality of locally manufactured products is quite good, and there is great interest in cooperation with related parties.

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In addition, some local companies also negotiated with exhibitors from Yunnan through the special matching session, hoping to reach cooperation in the future. Fabio, Managing Director of Macau Kombucha Co., Ltd. believes that the holding and arrangement of the matching session is very good, which can effectively increase the connection between businesses in various places. In the matching session, I met a tea factory from Yunnan. Its business is similar to that of the company, which also produces organic tea beverages. After getting to know each other about the products, I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future.

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Guangdong Yabei Agricultural and Sideline Products Co., Ltd. from Shaoguan learned about "prefabricated vegetables" companies in the matching session, hoping to get in touch with more merchants and expand channels and sales in the future in terms of brand deep processing and distribution. Huang Xiufen, chairman of Guangdong Yabei Agricultural and Sideline Products Co., Ltd., said that the whole matchmaking session was very good, and I also felt that Macao companies are full of ideas for brands, and everyone sees room for development. 

Prepared dishes attract purchases

One of the highlights of this exhibition is to focus on the current catering trend "prefabricated dishes", and invite representatives of relevant industry chain enterprises to share with the theme, leading the catering industry to use new technologies to upgrade and transform. At the same time, a series of discounts were launched. Before the exhibition started and during the event, there were several "live broadcasts" through the local e-commerce platform. The preferential prices and high-quality products attracted many visitors to buy and made exhibitors find new products. marketing methods. 

Foshan Jianye Import and Export Co., Ltd. participated in this "live broadcast with goods", and sold more than 700 copies of products within more than ten minutes of the live broadcast, and the harvest was impressive. Ye Guizhu, chairman of Foshan Jianye Import and Export Co., Ltd., said that as an agricultural product company, it used to focus on the traditional sales model, but through the "Guangdong and Macao Famous and Excellent", many residents and consumers know the company. After experiencing the live broadcast, I feel that in the future, agriculture and sales can not only rely on the traditional sales model, but can also be operated through multiple e-commerce methods, so as to achieve longer-term development and make products more popular.

Worldchamp Enterprises participated in this fair the 1st time, try to share our food contact grade gloves, sleeve, apron, boot cover with Macao local food processing companies.  

Macao biscuit, pie, cake, and much delicious foods are widely known all over China. We should grow up hand in hand, develop better and better. 

Post time: Nov-20-2022