Two national standards in the packaging industry help the development of green and sustainable field of China

Posted :2022-08-10 15:28


The construction of ecological civilization is an inevitable requirement for accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and realizing green development. In recent years, my country has launched a series of major measures to promote green development. One of the important tasks for sustainable development is to establish and improve the standard system, focus on improving the quality of standards in various industries, and strengthen standard implementation and innovative services.

In order to promote the development of my country's packaging and environmental and green packaging standardization work, and further help the construction of my country's circular economy system and the realization of the national "dual-carbon" strategic goal, the National Packaging Standardization Technical Committee Packaging and Environment Sub-Technical Committee (SAC/TC49/SC10) The revision of two national standards including "Packaging Recycling Mark" and "Packaging and Environmental Terminology" was proposed. The standard is led by the China Institute of Export Commodities Packaging. China Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute is the technical counterpart of ISO/TC122/SC4 of the International Organization for Standardization, and also undertakes the secretariat of the Packaging and Environment Sub-Committee of the Domestic Packaging Standardization Technical Committee. Over the years, it has been committed to the research of environmental resource conservation and green and low-carbon development, and has undertaken and completed dozens of scientific research projects entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army and other relevant authorities. , and formulated a number of national standards to adapt to the current development of the ecological environment.

The national standard "Packaging, Packaging and Environmental Terminology" provides relevant important terms and definitions, making it easier for supply chain stakeholders to understand and grasp, and will provide support for effective packaging production, recycling, and processing. It is of great significance to the construction of my country's packaging waste classification and disposal system.

The two standards will be implemented on February 1, 2023, and it is believed that the implemented standards will play an important role in the packaging industry's contribution to my country's ecological civilization construction and green development.


On July 11, 2022, two national standards, "Packaging Recycling Mark" and "Packaging and Environmental Terminology", were proposed and managed by the National Packaging Standardization Technical Committee and jointly drafted by China Export Commodities Packaging Research Institute and relevant key enterprises and units in the industry. Approved for publication, the standard will be officially implemented on February 1, 2023.

The national standard of "Packaging Recycling Mark" focuses on the production, use and recycling needs of commonly used packaging materials such as paper, plastic, metal, glass and composite materials. Combined with the different characteristics of each material, it fully draws on relevant domestic and foreign regulations and standards to stipulate packaging recycling. Types of signs, basic graphics and labelling requirements. In particular, according to market research and corporate needs, glass packaging recycling signs and composite packaging recycling signs have been added. At the same time, in order to standardize the design and production of signs and make the signs reach a unified standard when they are used, detailed regulations have been made on the size, position, color and marking method of the signs.

The release and implementation of this standard will promote the development of standardization of packaging, environment and green packaging in China, and help the implementation of garbage classification in my country. At the same time, it provides technical support from design to recycling for the problem of excessive packaging of commodities, which is currently more concerned by the society, guides producers to save resources from the source, guides consumers to better classify waste, and accelerates the formation of a green and low-carbon production and lifestyle, to promote green and low-carbon development.

The national standard "Packaging, Packaging and Environment Terminology" defines the relevant terms and definitions in the field of packaging and the environment. In the formulation process, the current state of technical conditions and industry development needs in my country were fully considered, and 6 terms and definitions were added on the basis of the transformation of ISO standards. It not only maintains the advanced nature of technical content, but also ensures that it is in harmony with the current relevant laws, regulations and current standards in my country on the basis of scientificity and rationality. Standardization, feasibility, universality and operability are strong.

This standard lays the foundation for the formulation and implementation of other relevant standards and regulations in the field of packaging and the environment, and is conducive to public management, technical exchanges and business among all relevant personnel in the complete chain of packaging and packaging waste treatment and utilization. The operation is of great significance to the construction of my country's packaging waste classification and disposal system. In turn, it can effectively help promote the construction of my country's circular economy system and the realization of the national "dual carbon" strategic goal.

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