The world’s largest BDO integrated production base was completed and put into operation

On November 24, Dongjing Bio-Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. ("Dongjing Biology"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongyuan Technology, achieved a complete success in feeding and starting up the BDO project with an annual output of 280,000 tons, and successfully produced high-grade products. After a day's After commissioning, the purity has reached 99.91%, which marks that Dongyuan Technology has become the world's largest BDO integrated production base with an annual production capacity of 380,000 tons of BDO.


With a total investment of 2.939 billion yuan for the annual production of 280,000 tons of BDO, Dongjing Biological has continuous and stable production, a high degree of automation, and product quality that has reached the best level in the industry in the world. The key equipment has successfully adopted domestic brands instead of imported brands, realizing localization and solving the problem that BDO's key equipment production is "stuck" by foreign brands. The project started construction in May 2021. Dongjing Biology worked closely with the general contractor, construction unit and supervision unit to fight against high temperature, severe cold and epidemic. After more than a year of construction period and production preparation, the project was successfully put into operation drive.

The completion and commissioning of the BDO integrated project with an annual output of 380,000 tons has further consolidated the industrial structure of Dongyuan Technology's new materials and new energy. The company's downstream industrial chain construction is accelerating. The first phase of the 200,000-ton γ-butyrolactone project has been put into trial operation with 100,000 tons of materials, and the preparatory work for the second phase of the 100,000-ton project has begun; the annual output of 200,000 tons of degradable polyester (PBS /PBAT) project construction work is intensified.

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As the only BDO manufacturer in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that has been put into production, Dongyuan Technology has been practicing the concept of "green, low-carbon, and circular" sustainable development. Focusing on the acetylene chemical industry and degradable plastic new material industry, Dongyuan Technology is striving to build a world-leading integrated BDO chemical industry base. Dongyuan Technology is contributing to the construction of a beautiful China, "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" with green production methods and green products, and to realize the realization of Wuhai City as a nationally important biodegradable polyester whole industrial chain production Base objectives play a leading role!

In ECO industry, high cost of materials was the key difficulty in the way to promote the biodegradable products to market, to end-users.

In the coming years, more projects of the raw materials for bio-chemical resin that settled down since 2020 will be completed and put into operation. The material supply will be strong and meet the demands of near future. Then the materials cost will be lower down much, and close to the acceptable cost level of the market.

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Post time: Nov-30-2022